Comic Hatchet
Affiliation Dinosaur Kingdom
First Appearance Bonk's Adventure

Henry Hatchet (or simply known as Hatchet or Chikkun) is an iconic enemy that appears in about every game of the Bonk series. They serve King Drool and are ordered to stop Bonk from getting to him. Hatchets are known as Chikkuns in Japan and in the U.S. (Bonk's Revenge and beyond).


Bonk's AdventureEdit

Hatchets in the first game are just known for throwing... well hatchets and nothing more. There seen throughout the game in multiple color palettes.

Bonk's RevengeEdit

Hatchets have more purposes in the second game as they play more roles and use new attack methods. Hand Bata Chikkuns uses flags, Surfing Chikkuns surf at Bonk, Snow Chikkuns hide in snowmen and explode snowballs when Bonk's close by plus throw snowballs themselves, Tunnel Chikkuns uses pickaxes, Moth Chikkuns uses butterfly nets, Ax Throwing Chikkuns throw axes, and Fishing Chikkuns uses bait to reel Bonk in from water. In the U.S. Release in the instruction manual, they are known as there Japanese name, Chikkun (even though in the game there still known as hatchets as well.)

Bonk 3:Bonk's Big AdventureEdit

Much of the Hatchets seen in Bonk 2 come back in this game, with 3 new ones. Bath Chikkuns fly in midair on bath like objects and throw junk at Bonk, Heri Chikkuns fly with a propeller and try to chase Bonk, and Chikkun Bikes ride bikes at a very fast pace and try to hit Bonk.